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BC Z Car Registry

Welcome to the official website of the British Columbia Z Registry.

British Columbia Z Car Registry started in North Vancouver back in 1994-1995 under the alias name of Banzai Z Car Pilots Association.

After a few meetings we settled under BC Z Car Registry as a more politically correct name.

We are a club dedicated to the appreciation, restoration and racing of all models of Z cars. The BC Z Registry is a non-profit organization. Together we share information about our cars, participate in various auto events and generally have fun!

Like our Facebook page on our Contact Page on this website for more updates and goodies about our upcoming events and schedules.

If you are interested to join our organization, drop us a line or two about yourself and your ride. We always like to bring fresh members and ideas into our club. So don't be shy, connect with us. We are a club dedicated to the appreciation, restoration and racing of all models of Z cars.

Events & Goodies:

POCO Car Show (Aug. 16th 2015)

Poco BIA participate in and host community events in order to draw people into downtown Port Coquitlam, raise the profile of our members and build customer goodwill.

Their signature event is the annual Downtown Car Show, which attracts tens of thousands of people each August. Please visit their website for more information: www.pocobia.com

They are are also a sponsor for the annual Christmas in Leigh Square event that kicks off the Christmas season, and participate in other downtown activities as opportunities arise.

Langley Good Times Cruise-In (Sept. 12th 2015)

The Langley Good Times Cruise-In started in 1997 with a small group of merchants and business people from the City of Langley. The event has grown from 430 vehicles registered in 1997 to 1,532 registered vehicles in 2002. Even in a cold, wet day in 2000 saw over 1200 vehicles come out to support the event.

The "Cruise - In" has become one of the largest mixed car shows in Canada and one of the Top 10 in North America according to Dennis Gage of My Classic Car. The event is quickly gaining an International reputation, drawing cars and spectators from across Canada and the United States.

Please visit their website for more information: www.langleycruise-in.com

West Coast Nissan Show & Shine in Maple Ridge (Aug. 30th 2015)

West Coast Nissan is a family-owned business in Pitt Meadows and is part of the West Coast Auto Group Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridges largest dealership group ; we are friendly, courteous and transparent. All of us that take pride in the quality of our customer service and our commitment is to providing you with the best possible vehicles and related services.

Please visit their Twitter for more information: West Coast Nissan

Auto Events BC

Auto Events B.C. is here to provide a one stop place for all your automotive & motorcycle events in B.C.

Please visit their website for more information: www.autoeventsbc.com

Also don't forget to visit often as they update the event calendar often.

Run to Manning Park - Date To Be Announced

More information soon!

Interested in becoming a member? Get in touch.

Email us at: bczregistry@gmail.com

Find us on Facebook:


Bill Frizzle

Original founding member in the BCZR. Have had a 77 280 z (with the help of Ian Tanner) we did a small block V-8 conversion , also a stock 72 240z which is owned by Dan Giroux from The “Z” Shoppe now.

And the present car ( 1973 240z w/ V8 conversion that was built by previous owner Peter Scheck. This car.... I had to have!!! (waited about 6-7 years for him to finally release the car to me because he went to another build (Ultima GTR).

I had a hand in running a few of the waterfront car shows with the help of all the membership. I did 2 trips to National Z Car Events, one in the USA and the other one which was outside the USA in Kingston Ontario.

I am involved with the autocross at JIBC and time attack events at Mission Raceway. Always look forward to participating in the Knox Mountain Hillclimb event in Kelowna BC each year. I recently purchased GT3 but will always love my 240z.

Brian DeLong

Brian has owned four 240Z’s since 1973; he was part of NorthWest Racing in the 70’s (510s. 1200’s. 2000’s and 240’s.)

He owns his current Z since 2004. He uses it for daily driver during summer months here in the Okanagan.
Autocross once a year at Nissan meet in Vancouver. Brian also works a corner at the Knox Mountain Hillclimb every year.

"I think I’m still listed as Vice President of the BC Z Registry", he says.

Ian Tanner

Ian's first experience with a Z car, was his graduation in 1985, so much so he bought the car.

After an extensive restoration, and modifications, still has the car to this day. Ian was the first president for the BCZCR, because nobody else showed up to the meeting!

Ian opened his own car garage in April fool's day 1998 in Coquitlam, and has restored a handful of Z cars for customers and friends. He is trying to finish his last modification to his car so he that can drive it again. For more information on his business you can always check his website.

Rockin Rod

I got introduced to my first Z when I met my wife in Monterey California. It was back in 1982 when roller-skating was huge on Friday and Saturday nights.

She had a Blue 1972 240Z with white interior. Her dad also owned one and was in the process of restoring it. When I saw his car,it was stripped down to bare metal and was completely taken apart. I told Debbie that "man this guy has his work" cut out for him. She said that's my Dads car. Oh! I said.

Because I was in the military we ended up going to Germany so she had to put her Z in storage. We weren't there too long and to make a long story short, her Dad sold her car and gave his to us and told us he put it together and painted it blue. He was being transferred to Germany too and he would bring it with him.
They rolled the car out of the container and there it was. It was the same car I had seen in California, with paint and wheels and windows. BUT not all put together, it only had one seat installed and all the rest of the car was in the back including the bumpers.

We got home to our apartment 8 hrs later and he pulled it in to our garage and handed me the keys and Said "it's time to learn about the 240Z". When we finally got it back together, we still had 2 years left in Germany so we drove it all around Europe. It loved doing a 100 mph on the Autobahn.

We had this same car when we went back to California where I started to work in a body shop. I painted it blue again with silver stripes. We also pulled the vinyl interior and changed it to black tuck and roll leather. We then decided to move to Canada and bought a boat with no truck.
My car was a 4cyl Porsche 924 and it wasn't going to pull it. So I modified a trailer hitch that bolted to the unibody and pulled it with the Z to Canada in 1989.

That car was stolen 3 weeks after we moved here. It was found 2 days later burned to the ground. We found a orange 240 and I replaced the frame rails and floorboards and painted the engine compartment. This car later was struck by a 5 ton truck with Debbie in it. Completely totaled.
We had been collecting other rotten 240s to gather parts and found a yellow 240. I tell you, this guy really didn't want to let go of this car. We came up with enough money to pursued him to let us have it. With no motor and a few parts that had to be exchanged. I stuck a motor from the orange one that got wrecked in it and drove it till I had time to paint it. I took it to the Museum of flight car show in White Rock and saw other really nice Z's which inspired me to the car we have to this day.

Lorraine Yasmin

Lorraine first fell in love with Z cars long before she had a driver’s license. She was captivated by their sleek design and impressive performance.

She has a lot of fun with her 1977 British Racing Green 280Z, which she’s been tweaking for a few years now. Her ‘sweetie’ is practically identical to her first 280Z, which she drove almost daily for 20 years.

Lorraine’s friends smile when they hear the whimsical story of both cars!

Brian Peters

Brian purchased the Datsun 260 Z on July 16th, 1974 from Hugh Rider Ltd in Vancouver, and has owned it ever since. It was driven daily up until 1990 and has approximately 250,000 Miles on the Odometer.

The original price was $6200. In 1990 it was so rusted out that it was dangerous to drive further, and was stored in a garage for future restoration. Restoration was begun in 1996 and completed in 2001.

The body work was done by Trevor Hagerty, mechanical and assembly done by Ian's Auto, paint by Ultimate Collision. Today it is displayed at numerous car show through out the region, and has won many awards. We also love to drive it on trips with the BC Z Registry.

Mark Farrow

As one of our senior members Mark Farrow has had his handy work in almost everyone's car. He owns a 1974 260Z with a Chevy 350 racing 4 speed transmission and all racing suspension.

He has raced the car for many years and also has a son, Jamie, following in his foot steps as a second generation BCZCR member with his own 1972 240Z restored with a 280 turbo engine.

Terry Stashuk

Over the years Terry Stashuk has been one of the most active members serving as president for the club countless years. His car collection includes a original 1974 2+2 that he restored himself and also he has a 1972 Box Flared race car that he enjoys on the weekends.

Terry’s son Ray has been coming to the club and growing up around the cars and also as a second generation Z Club member is working on his 240 Z Car with a skyline engine.